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#21: Revolutionizing Tech: JustPaid's API, Egrobots' Crop Detection, and Replit's AI Assistant Lead the Charge | OneMoreThinginAi

#21: Latest edition of One More Thing in AI Newsletter.

Edition #21: One More Thing in AI- JustPaid's API, Egrobots' Crop Detection, and Replit's AI Assistant.

Date: 14-Apr-2024

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In this edition:

JustPaid's New API Unlocks Effortless Business Payments – Powered by AI

JustPaid, a fintech, has launched a new AI-powered API that automates the billing and payment process for businesses.

🤖 Functionality: The API allows for the automatic tracking of product usage and generation of invoices, enabling easy creation of customer profiles, processing payments, and managing customer communications within existing systems.

💸 Simplified Payment Process: The platform securely saves customer and bank details, and processes both one-time and recurring payments, handling the full workflow from tokenization to processing to notifications.

🌍 Future Expansion: Initially focused on ACH payments within the US, JustPaid plans to expand internationally and add more features, aiming to become a fundamental payment infrastructure globally. I am surprised that it does not use the recently released FedNow system.

💡 Why is worth paying attention?: Following its launch, JustPaid secured over $4 million in funding and is supported by top investors, including Y-Combinator and others. Also, because of its international expansion aspirations. B2B payments is an interesting area of focus and is mostly done with the help of manual cheques or slow bank transfers in most countries. Big scope for improvement!

Detect Crop Diseases Early with Egrobots' Cutting-Edge AI in MENA

🌍 Imagine a world where crop diseases are detected before they can wreak havoc on our food supply. That world is closer thanks to innovative startups like UAE-based Egrobots.

🤖 Technological Leap in Agriculture: Egrobots, an agritech startup from the UAE, is pioneering the use of robotics and artificial intelligence to preemptively detect crop diseases. This groundbreaking approach is part of their broader strategy to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability in the MENA region.

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