Side Hustle Millionaire

How to make your own customized GPT

Side Hustle Millionaire

Open AI released its functionality to create Customized GPTs. I took the opportunity to create one.

How to do it

As a business leader, finding ways to maximize productivity is essential. That's why custom artificial intelligence tools like GPTs have tremendous potential. GPTs allow you to create an AI assistant explicitly tailored to your business needs.

With just a few simple steps, you can build an AI-driven by your unique requirements:

1. Access the GPT Editor at

2. Name your assistant and describe its capabilities -example: "Customer support agent to respond to common questions quickly."

3. Provide detailed guidelines and sample conversations to model the exact behaviors you want

4. Enable advanced functionality like web searching or data analysis if beneficial.This could go to your internal data stores (take care of privacy with an Enterprise subscription)

5. Publish your finished GPT and integrate it into business workflows

For example, a software company could construct an AI that swiftly answers customer FAQs about product capabilities and pricing. This AI tool frees up human agents to handle more complex issues.

The customization options are vast - everything from market analysis to technical documentation. GPTs even allow third-party API integration to connect with existing tools. Imagine connecting it to Zapier and linking it to other APIs- endless possibilities!

Unleash tailored AI to enhance business operations at scale. Streamline processes, boost response times, improve consistency, and more with your personalized GPT assistant.

What does mine do

I created one to help solopreneurs and founders develop profitable side hustles. I gave instructions on how to handle the questions. I gave it a bunch of input and learnings from well-known entrepreneurs and creators. It has a tongue-in-cheek name, "Side Hustle Millionaire". While it isn't guaranteed to make us all millionaires, it will help us avoid those million-dollar mistakes that early entrepreneurs make (including me).

Test it out

  1. Take it for a test ride, and let me know. You need a Pro or Enterprise subscription to test it out. Link:

  2. Create your own GPT. Experiment and learn!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm excited to see how this technology can transform workflows.

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